Expert cctv camera installerWhile no one wants to consider the possibility of their home being broken into, it’s an unfortunate reality for thousands of Australians every year. To properly protect your home and your family, it’s important that you take the initiative to secure your home and deter potential intruders.

Security camera installation is one of the best ways to improve the security of your home. With cutting-edge technologies and affordable prices, now is a better time than ever to take the next step in home security. To help you make this decision, here are four benefits of installing security cameras on your property.

1. You can monitor your home any time and from any place

With modern security camera systems, you can sync them up with your smartphone to access live and recorded footage whenever and wherever you please. Whether you’re in the office or on vacation on the other side of the world, you can monitor the access points or interior of your home quickly and easily.

This can help give you great peace of mind, ensuring the safety of your property, pets or children no matter where you are. Your smartphone app can also be set up to notify you of any breaches to the system or unusual behaviour, immediately alerting you when something could be wrong.

2. Prevent attempted break-ins

If burglars do attempt to break into your home, many of them will be immediately deterred by the sight of security CCTV installation. It immediately signals to them that you're serious about home security, and probably have alarms, security gates and reinforced windows as well.

More often than not, the burglars will decide that it’s not worth the risk and abort their plans, leaving your home, your belongings and your family safe.

3. Use the recorded footage as evidence

On the chance that your home is burgled, home security cameras can be used to understand what happened and investigate the crime. In many cases, authorities can use footage from your system to identify the burglars and hopefully track them down.

If suspects are arrested and charged, the footage captured by your security cameras can be used as evidence and it can also help resolve disputes involving stalking, vandalism and trespassing.

4. It’s a long-term investment

The upfront costs associated with security cameras are a small price to pay for the long-term security and protection they provide for your home. With high-quality designs and the latest technology, you can rest assured that your camera system will last for years to come and make a sound investment in your future.

They can also lead to your home insurance provider lowering your premium, due to the security they add to your home and the resulting decreased risk of a home invasion.

At Security Camera Specialist, all our camera systems are top of the range and provide unbeatable protection to homes all across Melbourne. Our security camera installers will come up with the most appropriate solution for your home and strategically place cameras at all your access points and other high-risk areas. Call us on 0424 726 104 to chat with one of our specialists and get a free quote.


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