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Reliable Security Camera Installation in Hampton Park

Professional Install Security System From $500

The qualified and licensed by the Victorian Police technicians have plenty of experience in selecting the best suited security cameras system for your home and business in Hampton Park. So you can have peace of mind knowing you’re looked after.

We can set up your system to be monitored from a computer, smartphone and smart devices with instant intruder notifications so you can see an incident anywhere in the world as it happens. These systems are incredibly user friendly and easy to use

We can supply reliable Security cameras from trusted brands such as Swann, Hikvision, Dahua, and Bosch

We can install customer supplied systems in Hampton Park

One of the biggest threats to your home or business is a burglary or an act of vandalism. Therefore, it is important to protect your home and business with the latest security systems and technology.

Proper design and installation of security cameras system can add an extra layer of security

Security Camera Installation - Hampton Park

Are you looking to install a new security system or upgrade an existing system? Talk to the team at Security Camera Installation Specialist. We offer complete security camera installation for homes and businesses in Hampton Park and throughout Melbourne’s south-eastern suburbs.

We can supply premium quality surveillance cameras from Swann, Hikvision, Dahua and Bosch. Or we can provide security CCTV installation services for any system you provide. We also offer complete system repair and maintenance services and can upgrade existing systems.

We have a qualified and experienced team of security camera installers with full licensing and certification from ACMA and the Victoria Police. We offer up to 5-year warranties on our security CCTV camera systems and a minimum 12-month warranty on all installation work.

Other services available in Hampton Park

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The customised packages

Security Camera Installation Hampton Park

4 cameras package

The 6 megapixels 4 cameras package is available with the fully installed network that can give you the clear IP Network camera. Besides, it is quite preferred by the majority of residential customers.

You can get the 24-month parts as well as a labour warranty. It comes when the package of the night and a camera that can also give the channel support with the end.

We can give the surveillance hard drive along with the LED monitor and the remote pairing. The capability makes it stand out.

You can get the support with the IOS, Android phones, as well as the tablets. The warranty on the equipment as well as the installation makes the service the bespoke one.

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4 cameras package

The branded cameras are fit for residential uses and are perfect for the customers who are always looking for them reliable CCTV units. It comes with the 6-megapixel resolution and has a 24 months parts and Labour warranty.

You can rest assured that it is the IP Network infrared type of the camera. It comes with the independent ports and interfaces that are also good hard disk drive space of 3tb. The LED monitor is perfect for giving you better capability.

You can also get a remote viewing on iPhone, Android phone, as well as the internet additional 250 interfaces for giving you the Double storey home-based support.

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Security Camera Installation Hampton Park

8 cameras package

This is the three times more clear type of viewing system that will come with the full HD interface. 1080 p camera package is most preferred by the residential customers and will always require the multiple surveillance angles.

It comes with 24 months parts as well as labour warranty to make it stand out. 6 megapixel based cameras and IP Network ensure giving you good Night and Day camera capability. You can get the infrared interface along with the inbuilt microphone.

The channel NVR along with the switch off the output ensures giving you the surveillance hard disk drive for giving the LED monitor capability. The compatible type of cameras is perfect for the remote behaving as well.

You can get the support on the iPhone internet as well as Android phones. It comes with an additional 250 for the home setting. It is good for double-storied for the ones who face difficulty in the wiring.

In the same category, you will get the branded camera set that also offers the high-resolution capability. The 24 months parts and Labour warranty on the system make them stand out.

The network of IP along with the night and day capability of the cameras ensure giving you a clear image at all times.

The NVR and 80 Mbps input type of the camera comes with the independent sports as well as interfaces that make it stand out. You can get a 3tb hard disk drive along with the LED monitor capability to make it amazing.

The remote iPhone, Android phone, as well as internet connectivity and the additional 250 make it the remarkable model within the price point. We even hold excellence in the line of Security Cameras for Offices.