CCTV Security CamerasYour home should be a safe haven. It needs to be a place where you can rest and forget about worldly problems. However, if your home gets broken into, it could leave you and your family feeling violated and unsafe. This sense of unease can make your very own home an uncomfortable place to live in.

To avoid this problem, you need to make sure that your home is as secure as possible. In this blog, we’re going to discuss how you can minimise the chances of home break-in. We’ll go through everything from security cameras and alarms all the way to something as simple as hiding your valuables.

1. CCTV Security Cameras

Surveillance cameras are considered to be the best deterrent for burglars. Just the sight of a home security camera can be enough to discourage burglars from targeting your property. Even if they do decide to enter your home, your CCTV security cameras will have footage of the break-in. This footage can be used by law enforcement to track down the culprit and, hopefully, get your valuables back.

Now, unless you have a large budget, you’re not going to be able to place CCTV cameras in every single corner of your property. Therefore it’s important that you install your cameras strategically. You should cover obvious entry points like your front door, your garage doors and your gate. Additionally, you should consider covering potential blind spots like your windows, back doors and your backyard fencing.

If you’re interested in CCTV cameras, be sure to call Security Camera Specialist for a free quote. Our team of experts can also advise you on the perfect spots to install CCTV cameras.

2. Motion-Activated Lights and Alarms

Usually, security lights are placed on the facade of your house. They illuminate the driveway and your front porch whenever the sensors detect movement. So, if someone gets too close to your home, the lights will immediately turn on. This bright light is often enough to discourage the burglar from entering your home.

Additionally, you can also get motion-activated alarms. Generally, these alarms are activated or deactivated via a pin-code. If the sensors detect someone entering your home without inputting the right pin-code, it will sound the alarm and alert anyone that’s nearby.

3. Making Your Home Less of a Target

There are several things that can increase the likelihood of your home being targeted.

The first is the number of valuables that you have in the open. Do you have your shoes outside your front door? Maybe your electric bike is just sitting in your driveway. Having these expensive items in plain sight will surely catch the eye of a burglar. As such, make sure that you hide your valuables as much as possible. Keep your bikes in the garage, keep your shoes inside and make sure that your windows don’t allow outsiders to peer into your home.

The second thing that you have to worry about is how often your home is left unattended. If burglars notice that your lights have been off for a while, they will correctly assume that no one is home and that it is safe for them to enter. Because of this, it might be worth investing in a smart lighting system that you can control remotely. Through smart lighting, you can turn your lights on and off even if you’re at work or travelling overseas. With this type of control, you can trick burglars into thinking that someone is home.

There you have it, three ways to make your home more secure. If you have any questions about security cameras or alarm systems, be sure to contact our friendly team at Security Camera Specialist.


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