Security CCTV Installation MorningtonBreak-ins are about more than just damage to your home, loss of property and the financial cost. The worst thing is the feeling that you’re no longer being safe in your own home and the feeling of violation and discomfort that comes with not only knowing that someone has been in your home, but that it could happen again.

While there is no way to completely prevent break-ins from happening, there are plenty of strategies you can use to make your home a less attractive target to burglars.

Install a visible security system

A monitored security system with CCTV cameras that are visible from the outside of the house is a great way to deter break-in attempts. The mere sight of security cameras can be enough to discourage a burglar. The chance that they could be recorded or the homeowner alerted before the burglar has even gained entry could be enough to convince them to leave you place alone.

It’s important to make sure the cameras are out of reach and have a battery back-up so they can’t be easily disabled or obscured. That way burglars cannot easily disable the external cameras before the incriminating footage is captured.

Additionally, it should be clear that the cameras are recording. While you can purchase false security cameras specifically designed as a deterrent, you’re better off with the real thing. An actual camera setup will be more believable and if a thief is fool enough to try and break in, you’ll have proof.

Get a big (or loud) dog

Having a big or loud dog either in the house or in the backyard can be one of the best deterrents. The dog doesn’t necessarily need to be dangerous or aggressive. Any dog that makes a lot of noise when a stranger comes on the property may convince a burglar that a break in attempt is too risky.

Secure the access points

Burglars tend to look for the easiest points of entry. If they are immediately faced with locked gates, dead bolted front doors, and lockable windows they may quickly decide that your house is more trouble than it’s worth.

It may also be worth installing security glass or screens on your front windows or any other windows that are hidden from street view. An easily broken window represents an enticing entry point to a burglar and the harder they have to work to get inside, the more likely they will simply find an easier target.

Make it seem like someone is home

Most burglars prefer to target empty homes, for obvious reasons. So creating the illusion that there are people at home is a great way to prevent break-ins. One of the best ways to do this is via a smart lighting system. This enables you to control your home’s interior and exterior lights via your smartphone or laptop. Some systems even feature a vacation mode, where you can program certain lights to turn on and off at specific times of the day and night.

Sensor lights

Strategically placed sensor lights can be a great way to discourage burglars. You can use them to light up main entry points, like front doors and windows, as well as points that are more obscured like side or back windows.

Sensor lights will use less electricity than simply leaving a light on all night and come with the additional surprise factor that can spook an intruder and make them think someone is home.

Unfortunately, nothing will ever completely eliminate the risk of break-ins. However, with a little planning and strategic investment you can make your home much harder to break into, deterring the burglars before they’ve even got started.

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