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Are you moving into a new property that doesn’t have an antenna system? Our antenna installation experts can help you with all your antenna installation needs. When you have TV reception problems, you can contact us.

Before installing an antenna, you have to consider several important factors to get the best signal. You need to pay attention to the antenna selection, it’s alignment and even the side of your house where you are planning to install the antenna.

There are many tech experts in the antenna installation business for your home, commercial property, or holiday house. We specialize in helping customers in getting the best signal strength. It does not matter if you have little idea about the new design the tech experts are there to assist in every problem.

There are many reasons for the poor TV reception, such as connectors, amplifiers, cabling, incorrect installation, splitters, or the position change of the antenna.

An electrical storm can most likely case storm damage to the TV antennas. Heavy rain and high winds too can damage the antennas and can cause issues such as shorting.

Reception issues can be caused due to various other factors such as electrical interference, interference from mobile transmission towers, or the presence of solar panels on roofs.

It is difficult to diagnose the problems by ourselves. Our technicians can check the TV spectrum and can diagnose the issues.

If you require an antenna repair or antenna installation, you can call our technicians who will assess and give you a free quote accordingly.

In most circumstances, your problems would be solved on the same day, so that way, you enjoy your favorite TV channels with perfect picture clarity.

Tips you should keep in mind while installing an antenna

The higher you place the antenna, the better the signal strength you will get. So try to install it on the rooftop or near the water tank.

This is because the UHF spectrums responsible for broadcasting the channels are susceptible to being weakened by the obstacles. So it needs a clear line of sight for better performance.

It might be difficult for you to get a muscular signal strength with indoor installations. This is mainly because the antenna, which will be lower than a roof, will limit the line of sight.

This will weaken the signal strength, and it will keep on declining with every wall the signal must pass through. If you want an indoor installation, place your antenna as close to a window as possible.

Outdoor installation of an antenna is always recommendable, placing an antenna in the attic can reduce the signal quality because of the insulation in the attic.

What hire a good antenna installation company?

Every antenna installation is completely different. Our company has expert technicians to survey the property and install the right antenna suitable for the location to optimize the signal strength.

We provide exclusive designs for the antennas.

Our antenna installation in Melbourne provides comprehensive warranty to avail the best benefit.

We are trained and qualified to deal and repair all reception problems of the antenna.

Our company is part of a trusted network, which means we are fully qualified, experienced, police-checked, and fully insured.

Our employees and the staff of the company are helpful and knowledgeable. We provide a free home signal analysis at any time and should also help in the selection of the right product and during any installation needs.

We provide efficient customer services. One of our technicians are locally available in Mordialloc and near by suburbs most of the time.

We offer an affordable cost. Our service time is as minimum as possible.

TV Antenna Installation

Reasons the outdoor antenna installation is better than the indoor facility?

Outdoor antenna installation has many advantages over an indoor antenna. An outdoor antenna will have fewer obstructions giving you high signal strength. Also, noise interference from other electronic devices would be less. A single outdoor antenna can provide services to many televisions.

The signal strength of an indoor antenna placement can never match their rooftop counterparts. It is possible only when you live in a fabulous reception area. Installing the antenna outdoor will benefit you in the long run.

Some DIY tips before calling an installer

Before you call an installer to look at some of the DIYs which might solve your reception issue:

Check for any loose connections as it can cause a drop in and out of pictures. If the wires and cables are in place, check the connector pins. If they are destroyed, then it is necessary to replace them with good ones.

Strong winds and bad weather may cause a change in the alignment of your antenna. If such a condition arises, it is beneficial if you do not try to do it manually, as it may cause you to lose the little signal you might be getting at that time. It is better to call an expert. We can realign the antenna with a signal strength meter.

Boosters are not a foolproof plan for reception problems. Excessive boosting of the signal can worsen the picture.

If you have a booster check that it is on.

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New Antenna Installation

If you have any reception problems such as dropping out, scratchy or pixelating, you can call the installers to help you with them.

Our experts team specialise in all types of tasks related to antenna installation or reception.

Our highly trained and qualified experts diagnose all the reception problems at the earliest possible time and the lowest cost.

Our experts will find the best line of sight to the nearest transmission tower and would place the antenna in the most suitable position.

It is necessary to locate the antenna at the front of the view. If it is located further from the transmission tower or obstructed from the TV transmitter, you might face various troubles. Our technicians will also ensure that the antenna works correctly, even during heavy storms and rains.

Antenna and TV Reception Problems

Antenna installation company provides services in case you have an antenna or TV Reception problems. So if you do not get any pictures on your TV screen or are facing other difficulties, just call our antenna repair and installation specialist.

We will assess your antenna system accurately and would find out the reception problems using their specialized gadgets.

Before making a call to our antenna installation Mordialloc you should analyze the following:

Ensure that the TV and power cables are correctly and tightly connected to the wall sockets and the TV.

Auto-scan the TV channels.

Ensure that the power supply is plugged correctly and is on if you have an amplifier in your system.

Even after all these evaluations, you have poor TV reception. You should immediately contact an antenna repair company to resolve your antenna issues once and for all.

TV Antenna Installation
antenna installation

TV Antenna signal booster

If you have poor TV reception and a regular drop in and out of signal, you need a TV antenna booster. A signal booster would amplify the message before it is sent to the TV.

If you are facing reception problems regularly with your indoor antenna installation, it is time to upgrade it. It is a wise investment compared to the time you spend time watching TV with your family even if you are unable to find the issue, spare yourself the trouble, and find an efficient installer.

It does not matter if you do not know your current TV antenna or the reason of its disturbance- whether damaged or needs replacement, the installer will be able to repair your existing TV antenna or will find a suitable replacement.

In case of any difficulties, contact an antenna installer. After conducting a free signal test, our technicians would provide you with a better solution and a quote for your reception needs. It does not matter whether you live in a unit, townhouse, or an apartment, along with the suburbs or in the city- the experts would provide services irrespective of your dwelling. We would take a look and would recommend the best solution for your needs. If you are looking for an excellent professional antenna service provider, Security Camera Specialist is your local service provider.

Our installation specialists can deliver our services throughout Melbourne, here are just some of the areas we service. Find out more by calling us on 0424 726 104 today!

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